Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am so happy that spring is beginning to arrive.  I always think it is funny how I get my hopes up mid March, and then we get a few inches of snow to remind me that I must suffer winter for a few more weeks. 
Today we got 7 inches, and it was that heavy snow that really sucks to shovel...luckily, it got rained on immediately.  We are supposed to get more snow throughout the week.  But the birds are out and the buds are starting to show on the trees.

I started back on Rebif about 5 weeks ago.  I have begun the full dose after the first month of the titration pack.  I have been suffering through the flu like symptoms.  The fever and chills I can handle.  But the constant aches and pains are what are really knocking me down.  I have been taking naps for the last few days- I am not sure if it is meds, MS, maybe a virus? I am pretty sick of having MS- my symptoms are all flared up and it makes it really hard to carry on a "normal" life.  I am so tired everyday.  I am cancelling plans and appointments.  I have had to even call my daughter out from pre-school cuz I am too tired to get her there.  
My husband applied for a new job.  He has had 2 interviews at the company in the last 2 weeks.  I am really feeling hopeful about it.  He really deserves it.
I had a friend that passed away 8 years ago today.  Mr. Charlie Dauphin.  What a sweet guy you were... I think about you and always smile.
Alright, that is all from me.  MUST GO TO BED.

be good 

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