Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Buzzing and Tingling all day.

I have slept more than anyone else in my house for the last two days.  I cannot begin to understand why my body is acting up, kinda wondering what is making my symptoms worse...most likely stress.  My legs and feet are buzzing, my hands are tingling.  I have been a total klutz today.  I am just struggling.  I wish I could find a way to make it better.  
I am a bit accident prone.  Tonight I was walking with some neighbors to the pond behind our house.  The kids were throwing some bread in the water for the geese.  I bent over to pick up a little bread that my son dropped.  Apparently, I was a little too close to the edge of the pond- because my neighbor and my husband started yelling at me to get away from the edge of the water! I did not fall- but I can feel how nervous people are around me.  Kinda funny.
Then we get back in the house- my hubby makes us some salads for dinner.  I crawl up under a blanket, perched in my spot on the couch- Terry placed the plate on my lap.  I promptly drop the bowl and its contents all over the carpet- salad and ginger dressing everywhere.  Earlier today I dropped a drink that landed on the kitchen floor.  My husband politely whispers "No TRUST!"  He says that to the kids all the time when they are doing something that looks a little dangerous.  I know he trusts me - he just is always prepared to clean up the mess, reluctantly.

We went on a brief walk with some neighbors tonight- I really enjoy their company.  We get along great- and our kids really like eachother.  The only thing that is hard =) is that they are Packers fans.  Since I am a blue blooded BEARS fan- it might take me to do some soul searching to get past our NFL differences- BUT I really like them.  

I am excited to do an Easter egg hunt with our kids! We are planning on staying at home to celebrate Easter.  I am a little excited and proud of my husband that he turned his mothers invitation down.  We need to start our own family traditions with our kids.  I feel good about that.

I try to stay more current on my postings.  I am hoping to stay awake a little more often =)

be good

Friday, April 3, 2009

Lay off

So today begins a lay-off for my husband.  He is walking out of work this evening, and someone stops him in the hall to tell him that they are going to make some big changes in the next two weeks.  This comes the day after their biggest account dropped them. So we are really nervous about what is to come.  I am going to try to keep my head up- but it might be hard to keep Terry feeling positive.  
He is worried about not being able to afford the mortgage, the bills, and all my medications.  I wish that I could do something! It is really going to be tough.

be good