Monday, February 2, 2009

new neurologist, new outlook

I went to a new neurologist today. A woman.  I am of the opinion, that men just do not understand what a woman's body must go through during the course of her life.  I met this wonderful woman today, that was friendlier than any other doctor I have ever met.  She showed me pictures of her dogs, we talked about purses and clothes...and then dove into talking about my MS.
She asked me about my overall health- I told her about my upcoming surgery.  I also told her about my B12 deficiency.  She first seemed to pay no mind to the B12 thing- but when she asked me what my levels of B12 were...I told her, and she put her pen down and looked at me right in the eye and said, "Are  you serious?"  My B12 levels were so low that she beleives that my MS symptoms were made worse by it.  She thinks with continuing my shots of B12 - my buzzing and tingling will (hopefully) continue to improve.  
We discussed the fact that I cannot afford taking Tysabri- she had a simple solution.  She told me that I cannot afford to be walking around "unprotected" from my MS getting worse.  She said that we are going to try Rebif again,and God willing we will notice that it will work this time!
I am doing all the things I should, working out, stretching, eating good foods, and trying to get more sleep. In the last week, I have lost 4 pounds and been able to run 1/2 mile...which both a remarkable for me.
Walking is difficult because I have really altered sensations in my feet (and hands).  The doctor observed that my walking is, in her words "JUNKY".  I hope that it can get better.  I walk with a cane- it helps me to make sure that I am careful and not tripping on everything around me- flat and smooth surfaces included. =)
I am excited to be seeing a new doctor.  I am excited to be on a new drug.  I am feeling proud of myself that I continue to stand up for myself. Since no one else will.

be good. 

and happy First Birthday Emma Jade Losser!  Auntie Kimmy loves you!  


Cathy said...


I am so glad you found a neuro you like. I am completely frustrated by mine. I'm in Wisconsin maybe I should drive to Minneapolis and see your doc.

Anonymous said...

You can run??? I am amazed! I can walk ok now, (not usually in past), but run???? Kudos to you.


Herrad said...

Maybe we should all have neuros like yours

Good luck with the Rebif.


Herrad said...

Hello Kimmy,

Just stopped by to say hello.
Hope you are doing ok and the rbif is working well for you.
Take care.


Herrad said...

Hello again Kimmy,

Forgot to say that I like your sweatshirt great text.

Libby said...

kimmy, are you still around? my name is libby, and i'd love to meet you..with a blog with this name, we have A LOT in common!!