Friday, August 22, 2008

Final walk through today

Well, we have arrived at the end of the building process, today is the final walk through and we are planning to close on Tuesday the 26th. Unfortunately, the 26th is Ford's 3rd bday...but he will probably not hold it against us. If he does I will take his toys away, hahaha.
So we went to the new house last night, there are a few things that I think should be fixed up, all pretty minor though. I am thinking that if the builder says it is okay, we are probably going to start moving this weekend. We are hoping to finish it all by th eend of the month because I told out landlord that we would be out...I had no idea that things were going to be so busy for us everywhere else in our lives.
My brother is coming tomorrow. And there is no way that I want to be moving while they are here to visit...but I guess we will have to see what happens.
Things are so busy, I have a hard time focussing on it all. Lucy is starting at her new preschool. We have an open house to attend for that and then a parent night to attend too. I start my new semester on September 2. Moving in to the new house. Terry just got a promotion at his job he is is gone 5 days a week, unlike before where he was only gone 3 days. He is top dog in his department now, which (because he has this wonderful work ethic that I just do not understand) he works way more htan he is required to. He always ends up going in on the weekends and putting in a few more hours, he makes double time after 50 hours a week. I do not like to work - I cannot understand how he does it, although I am appreciative that he workd like he does otherwise, we would not have the things that we do.
I am so super exhausted today...the boys woke me up at 745am...way earlier than should be legal for anyone to wake up...and they were being all lovie! Ford kept holding my eyelids open saying "Mama, WAKE-UP! I LOVE YOU. Your the best mama I ever had." Pretty funny coming from a little guy that we waited for 2 1/2 years just to hear him talk. Although he was slow at learning to talk, he has wonderful things to say. The stuff that comes from his mouth is the fuel for me to keep plugging along through my day.
Okay, well, I have a baby screaming that he wants down from his high my time is up.
be good

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