Thursday, August 21, 2008

Adding insult to injury

Okay, so as if I could not have enough things making me feel like crap- I got a phone call this morning to schedule a colonoscopy! I just started Tysabri, I feel like I could sleep until next spring. I do not need to have any other medical reasons to feel like hell.
Background on the colonoscopy---I have had some stomach issues that no one has been able to figure out- diarrhea for 4 months (GROSS I KNOW) So I have lost weight! But not the healthy way to lose weight. So I confessed to my doc after 2 1/2 months of the aweful problem. She gave me more tests than I have ever taken before- No indications of what could be the problem.
So, I am not only closing on our new house on Tuesday, but I am also going to be prepping for the colonoscopy which is scheduled for Tuesday, which is the day that we were supposed to move into the new house.
No more poop talk
On a happy note - 2 more days till my brother gets here! I have not seen him in so long! I cannot wait! I really love being with he and Anne. They are really great people.

Okay, time to go get things done, I have been sleeping since 11am. Time to get packing.
be good

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