Sunday, August 31, 2008

All moved in

We are moved int our new house. Since it is Labor Day weekend- all of our new neighbors are off at the lake, so I have not really met anyone. I am sure in the coming weeks we will all get a chance to introduce ourselves.
I cannot beleive how much CRAP Terry and I have hung on to over the years. I am looking forward to going through the boxes, having garage sales, selling on Craigslist, or renting a dumpster. Terry is still over at our rental property cleaning little fingerprints off the walls...I want to make sure that we get our security deposit back.
I really love this new house! I cannot wait for the sod to go down. The front and backyard are still needing to be graded. I guess they will do that this week. I am sick of my children playing in the big piles of black dirt.

My MS is a worse than normal lately. Everything is flared up MORE than usual. I am not sure if it is the heat, stress, the medication? I am having to keep moving and taking care of everyone and everything, because of us moving. I have had no time to take care of myself- like taking naps and that kind of thing.
I want to be more excited about this new place, but I just feel too shitty. I hope now that we are moved in I will feel stronger.

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