Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Buzzing and Tingling all day.

I have slept more than anyone else in my house for the last two days.  I cannot begin to understand why my body is acting up, kinda wondering what is making my symptoms worse...most likely stress.  My legs and feet are buzzing, my hands are tingling.  I have been a total klutz today.  I am just struggling.  I wish I could find a way to make it better.  
I am a bit accident prone.  Tonight I was walking with some neighbors to the pond behind our house.  The kids were throwing some bread in the water for the geese.  I bent over to pick up a little bread that my son dropped.  Apparently, I was a little too close to the edge of the pond- because my neighbor and my husband started yelling at me to get away from the edge of the water! I did not fall- but I can feel how nervous people are around me.  Kinda funny.
Then we get back in the house- my hubby makes us some salads for dinner.  I crawl up under a blanket, perched in my spot on the couch- Terry placed the plate on my lap.  I promptly drop the bowl and its contents all over the carpet- salad and ginger dressing everywhere.  Earlier today I dropped a drink that landed on the kitchen floor.  My husband politely whispers "No TRUST!"  He says that to the kids all the time when they are doing something that looks a little dangerous.  I know he trusts me - he just is always prepared to clean up the mess, reluctantly.

We went on a brief walk with some neighbors tonight- I really enjoy their company.  We get along great- and our kids really like eachother.  The only thing that is hard =) is that they are Packers fans.  Since I am a blue blooded BEARS fan- it might take me to do some soul searching to get past our NFL differences- BUT I really like them.  

I am excited to do an Easter egg hunt with our kids! We are planning on staying at home to celebrate Easter.  I am a little excited and proud of my husband that he turned his mothers invitation down.  We need to start our own family traditions with our kids.  I feel good about that.

I try to stay more current on my postings.  I am hoping to stay awake a little more often =)

be good


Anonymous said...

If you fall asleep naturally (without chemical aides), it is your body telling you that you need the sleep. Kinda like sleeping off your stress.

Don't sweat it. LOL If you are tired, you sleep.

About twice a year, I will get a case of the dropsies - dropping things without provocation. My hands get more tingly than usual, my feet feel weird, even the tip of my nose is cold and tingly (no drippy nose or anything). It is an MS phenomenon - which means no one knows why we get it, we just do. But all MSers are different, no two of us experience things the same way.

When your hands, legs and feet are buzzing, warm them up as much as you can tolerate with a blanket (not warm water in the tub because you may overheat).

I hope you feel better soon. Take care, Anne

Fred said...

Hi Kimmy,

MS sure can suck sometimes. I was diagnosed in 1994, and haven't walked for several years now.

One organization that has given me hope is the Myelin Repair Foundation. They are a medical research foundation dedicated to the single goal of rapidly developing treatments to halt and repair damage caused by MS. I've been a volunteer for over 5 years.

You can check them out at


All the best to you

Libby said...

hey, kimmy- glad to see you back again (awake...don't worry, that's common with all of us!). i'm doing better the last few days, cuz i'm making it a point to eat good stuff regularly, & that makes a big difference...problem is, i'm like a baby...once my stomach's full, i sleep!!

Kiesha said...

Hi Kimmy,
My name is Kiesha and I stumbled upon your blog while researching MS.
I have been having a lot of medical issues lately sysmptoms got so bad had to go to the ER, they still are searching for what is wrong with me. I'm trying to switch doctors. I just feel my body turning on me and I get these pins and needle sensation all over my body and I have horrible tremors and a dozen other things.

Anyway, it's all very scary, I would love to chat with you sometime if you are willing to share your story. MS may not be what I have but there are a lot of things that are pointing them into that direction. I just want an answer, sometimes I think it may be all in my head and I'm crazy because they are having a hard time diagnosising me with anything specific.

Anyway you can email me at if you want and have the time.

Herrad said...


Please come by my blog and pick up your award.

Have a good day.



Foxy B said...
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Foxy B said...

Hi Kimmy,

I also have MS and the tingling feeling is definitely uncomfortable. Talk to your doctor about possible medications. I have taken some so I know that they do exist. Massage therapy works for alot of symptoms also.