Monday, October 27, 2008

mud puddle mind

My MS is bothering me a lot today.  My hands feel like they are going to buzz right off my arms. My brain is like a big old mud puddle, I can think clearly.  I have so many things to get done and I cannot prioritize any of it.  I need to change a diaper, but I get distracted by the laundry. I need to make that phone call to the doctor, but I get caught up with playing on the computer.  I need to do some homework, but I just cannot stay awake long enough.  I have a husband, but since he works outside of the house, he gets to come home and fall asleep....and sleep until he goes to work in the morning. Seriously, I think he has narcalepsy or something.  He has been asleep since 545PM and it is going on 1030PM. He will not wake to help me bathe the kids, put them to sleep, do the dishes, take the garbage out, nothing.  It really pisses me off.  I mean, I work hard all day long too, but since I do not make a paycheck, I don't have the right to take a nap. I am really mad at him.
You would think that your husband would come home and play with the kids so that you could have some time "off"...but Terry said to me tonight, when I asked him for some help, "I have not sat down at all today."  Oh, well, please sit, sit until you are totally refreshed honey.  I will continue doing everything, even though I cannot feel my fingers or my feet.  Even though I need to take Ritalin to stay a wake. Even though I asked you to pick up my medicine at the drugstore on your way home, and you forgot.  
I did do something funny today- my brother emailed me this link to make me laugh, which it did.  
Hilarious isn't it? Actually, not too far from the truth - back in 1994 I had some bangs and they were BIG!
I am done, I am gonna watch the rest of Freaks and Geeks, take some Trazadone.

be good

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