Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Proud of myself

Today marks a very important anniversary - one that I work on everyday single day. I have 9 years of sobriety as of today. I started treatment at Chrysalis on September 23, 1999. Chrysalis is an amazing center for treating women with different conditions, primarily alcohol and substance addictions.

To say that I have grown up in thes 9 years is an understatement. I still have plenty to learn. Sobriety was something that nobody else could give to me or do for me. Sobriety is a gift to myself and most importantly my children. I would have never had children if I would have continued being so self-absorbed. Honestly, I probably would have never gotten married. I was really reckless, and I did not care about myself or anyone else. I am lucky to come out of these nine years retaining friends that I have had throughout the years. I have done things that I am not proud of, but I live now focused on making my friends, fmaily and most of all, my children proud of the PERSON that I am. I am not great at being a friend, sometimes I do not return calls, or respond to emails...I am always trying to keep up and I am always falling short. I spend too much time knitting, not enough time on my homework. I spend too much time playing, and not enough time telling my friends (Stephanie, Jill, Kate, Amber,mom,etc...) that I appreciate them so much.

So I celebrate my day today by baking myself one hell of a cake! And making a huge pan of lasagna! And completing my homework to get me one step closer to getting my degree in psychology so that I can become a counselor to help other women become sober and gain power over their lives.

So that picture of Cooper is on here to give a *KISS* to each of you that gives me strength, makes me smile, gives me hope, lets me cry, lets me remember all the great things we did in the past, and allows me to be a part of your lives after all of these years. Thank you for being part of my sobriety. I cannot imagine life without you.

be good

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Jamie said...

I know that being proud of yourself is such an important thing, but I just want to tell you what a great person you are to share such an intimate part of your life! Remember that you will always be an amazing person --- not matter what you do, or what you have done.

I miss you!